It’s no secret that Australian grocery shoppers are obsessed with Aldi. The alternative supermarket with low prices and a traditional service structure is a go-to for many households. Plus, who can go past their Special Buys! 

Since Aldi is German, you wouldn’t be silly to imagine that their stores would be stepped up a notch – but this feature is something we DEFINITELY need in Australia.

A viral video on social media platform TikTok has revealed that Aldi stores in Germany have machines that bake your bread ON THE SPOT!

Yep, you don’t need to check out what has been hanging on the shelf. As demonstrated by @ninathegerman, you go to the wall, select what bread you would like and it is baked fresh for you to take home.


#germanshopping with #ninathegerman

♬ original sound – ninathegerman

Of course, once you press the button, there is no turning back. You have to purchase the bread you’ve chosen – but who is going to say no to FRESHLY BAKED BREAD?!!?!


Aldi – please get this in Australia. I’m begging you.


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