A new study has revealed what the best breakfasts are for weight loss! 

Researchers from Tel Aviv University compared three different breakfast options: 

  • A high protein breakfast in which the protein was predominantly from dairy foods 
  • A second high protein option with protein via soy, tuna or eggs 
  • And a traditional carb breakfast option 

Over the 12 week study period, those participating in the study at a larger breakfast and lunch followed by a smaller, calorie controlled dinner. 

The subjects who consumed a dairy based breakfast lost 7.6kg compared to 6.1 for dieters in the other proteins group and just 3.1 for dieters in the high carb group. 

The results support previous research results which show that a protein rich, egg based breakfast, which is particularly high in the amino acid leucine, is of particular benefit for weight loss as leucine helps to regulate insulin levels. 

This study proves that whey protein specifically found in dairy rich breakfast options including Greek yoghurt, milk and concentrated in protein powder appeared to offer the added benefit of helping to suppress the hunger hormone ghrelin. 


Those lucky enough to be eating the breakfasts with whey protein had fewer spikes in their blood sugar levels after meals compared to the other two diets. 

Sadly, car rich breakfast options like breakfast cereal, toast, bagels, juice and muesli are too easy to overconsume and can contain two to three times the carbohydrate load of protein rich breakfasts so are best to stick clear of. 

So, try your best to include greek yoghurt, eggs or a whey protein smoothie in order to keep you full and satisfied throughout the morning. 


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