Aldi has something that has started to cause problems in Australia.

Its alcohol.

Aldi sells it’s alcohol products for a lower cost than other supermarkets and it has been flagged in Western Australia by the Director of Liquor Licensing.

An application by Aldi has been rejected in Harrisdale, WA as the state government thought it posed a ”greater risk to public health” than other retailers.

A BWS store was granted a license just two months previously as it was seen that the prices would not encourage drinking.

By putting in a grant after the BWS store, it was also seen that there is no need for another alcohol store in the area as it is ”undesirable.”

Nearly two dozen lines of wine at Aldi are priced below $5 and three can be bought for $2.79.


Unlike other major stores, Aldi do not seperate their alcohol from the rest of the store, preferring to operate it, in a seperate aisle, with one area to pay for customers.

Aldi is challenging the Western Australian governments decision.

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