As Melbourne gears up for another hot weekend, Furphy will be giving out free beers to quench our thirst.

The Geelong-based beer company will unveil a 20-foot billboard that pours beers, starting today at Federation Square.

Those who want a cold beer will have to put a bit of elbow grease in for their drink.

The billboard will feature a handle that will need to be pulled to get the beers.

People looking to get a sip of the icy beverage will only be able to do so from Friday to Sunday, between2 pm and 8 pm.  

Speaking about the new campaign Brand Director Malcolm Eadie said: ‘The What the Furphy activation is designed to surprise and wow the crowds at Federation Square, and make people ask themselves, “is that really true or going to happen?” 

Get your beer at Federation Square this weekend!

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