Last week we had the deconstructed coffee, that looked like something nobody wanted.

This week, it’s another coffee trend that has made me wonder if I will ever drink just a normal soy double shot extra hot flat white again.

Well, this looks pretty cool.

Brighton cafe Too Many Chiefs owners and siblings Jayben and Blaire Newson have introduced a coffee alternative for their customers.

They now serve turmeric, matcha, beetroot and rainbow infused products.

Talking to the Herald Sun they said the idea came after ”Blaire was making matcha protein balls for the cafe and they were selling really well, so we thought why not try and make it in a drink form,”


The turmeric drinks are made with a powder full of ginger and cinnamon, whereas the matcha and beetroot alternatives are made through dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

They also have the option for a rainbow latte but the siblings have made it clear that is PURELY for appearance, there is no special taste to it as it is made with food dye.

I am leaving work for one, right now.

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