Not just salivating… We’re lovin’ it!

Maccas have done it again. 

They have just introduced SPICY MCNUGGETS STARTING TODAY!

Yep! Today!!!!!

You’ll have to beat us down to the local Maccas, to be fair, because we’re pretty excited about this one. 

Not only that, but they have also added Spicy Shaker Fries to the sides options ‘to heat up the last few weeks of winter’.


“McNuggets lovers can further dial up the heat with Spicy Buffalo dipping sauce or chill out their taste buds with cooling Aioli,” Maccas said. 

“The all new Spicy Chicken McNuggets, Spicy Shaker Fries and dipping sauces and will be available in restaurants nationwide from 10.30 am 11th July for a limited time only.”

So what do you reckon? Spicy buffalo? Aioli? Or just the traditional ketchup on these bad boys? 

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