We never knew that the way you ate chicken could become such a heated talking point, but here we are.

But one Australian man has got the internet divided by the way he eats fried chicken and to be honest, we can totally understand why.

In a TikTok, user @sevspics opens a KFC Zinger box, pulling out a chicken wing, only to eat the entire thing in ONE FELL SWOOP.

@sevspicsFree marketing for KFC because I can ##kfc ##chickenwings ##sevspics♬ original sound – The Sevo Show

Literally, one fell swoop. The chicken wing goes into his mouth and comes out as only a bone.

And while there were plenty of commenters absolutely mortified by the whole ordeal, others jumped in to ask for tips on exactly how to do it.


We’re not really sure how this whole thing makes us feel.