Recent research is proving low-fat dairy really ISN’T better for you. 

Skim milk really is little more than water mixed with a splash of milk extract. 

This means that for those who have grown up drinking skim milk, will find full cream milk far too rich. 

In fact, drinking skim milk saves you 40 calories per cup. 

However despite the caloric difference, it turns out low-fat dairy isn’t any better for you. 

The journal Circulation found that people who ate more full-fat dairy were 46 percent less likely to develop diabetes over the 15-year study period than those who ate LESS of it. 

Another study looked at dairy consumption in more than 18,000 normal-weight women over 45 and found that after 11 years about 8,200 of them became overweight or obese. 


Those women who ate the most full fat dairy were eight percent less likely to be overweight or obese while eating low-fat dairy wasn’t associated with less weight gain. 

Other research also found that when people cut back on fat, they eat more carbs and sugar. 

So if you’ve been buying low-fat milk, cheese or yoghurt and forgoing that creamy richness… you no longer have to! 

Mmmmmmm cheese. 



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