The holy grail of ice cream is now within our grasp! You’ll never need to feel guilty about drinking wine ever again now that it comes folded into a bowl of creamy icecream! 

Winecream is a frozen dessert  by The Crossroad Company, a small family operated business in Baltimore. Winecream is created by flash freezing a mixture of cream and “craft-made fruit wines” with liquid nitrogen. Each delicious boozy bowl contains 10 percent alcohol per volume. 

The Crossroad Company began by travelling to local festivals and private events for the past couple of years but has plans to expand by selling winecream in supermarkets in the U.S and then through online orders to customers mailboxes. 

Katie Gorham, the owner of The Crossroad Company told Thrillist,

“We’ll be offering pints for sale in stores with alcoholic retail licenses in the Maryland/DC area starting this summer. We’ll be rolling out shipments starting with other Mid-Atlantic states, hopefully sometime in late 2016 (just don’t hold me to that!).”

Now if they would only move their operations to Australia! They would be sold out! 

Who needs some #winecream? Getting ready for #greatgrapes in a few short weeks!

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