We’ve always been told that they key to a “healthy” diet is to cut out fat that makes you, well, fat.

New research suggests that may not be the case.

A new review of data from the Minnesota Coronaary Experiment collected over a five-year period showed that saturated fats found in things like butter, meat and cheese isn’t as bad as we’re led to believe.

The 9,570 participants in the study replaced the saturated fats in their diet with things like corn oil, which is high in omega-6 fatty acids like linoleic acid.

Saturated fat contributes to higher levels of cholesterol which is believed to lead to heart disease.

The participants went without saturated fats and their cholesterol did decrease, but their risk of heart disease didn’t reduce and it actually led to a higher risk of death.

Researchers don’t know exactly why, but their research leads them to believe it was in the WAY the cholesterol was lowered, which was by introducing higher levels of linoleic acid.


The linoleic acid can cause inflammation, which could cause other complications.

Thee study’s co-author, Daisy Zamora, said that by no means are all oils bad, or that by eating lots of butter will prolong your life, but more research is needed.

Linoleic acid (found in corn, safflower, sunflower, cottonseed and soybean oil) may be linked to chronic pain and other conditions.

On the other hand, oils made from fruits such as olives, avocado, and coconut, as well as canola oil contain much less linoleic acid, Zamara said.

Basically, unless you’re going to go the whole hog with olive, avocado and coconut oil, you may as well just stick with good ol’ butter.

H/T Cosmopolitan

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