Listen, not only is this good news for your little bellies, it’s good news for the empty pockets of those wallets we all know you have.

OAK, the frontier soldiers of all things flavoured milk are giving us ordinary people some extraordinary power.

To create our own flavoured milk through their OAK Flavour Generator, so it’s not from scratch, it’s like being a milk mixologist!

OAK fans will be able to make their mix online via the generator from a choice of 20 flavours; bacon, toffee, lime, raspberry, licorice, maple syrup, caramel, cheesecake, peppermint, pineapple, banana, coconut, apple, white chocolate, milk chocolate, crumble, biscuit, strawberry, marshmallow and cherry!

Use a combination of up to three of these flavours to bring something totally original to the table and in return, OAK will choose three winners and bring them to life!

OAK will feature their inventor’s faces on the cartons and sell it nationally!

Imagine, your creation with your face on it available to purchase at grocery stores all around Australia!


But how to win the $10k prize money? You have to be the people’s favourite.

OAK will be asking everyday Aussies to cast their votes online, winner takes it all!

The OAK Flavour Generator has been open since the 1st of January, so all you’ve got to do is pick your flavour combo, give it a KILLER name, personalise the carton and tell OAK the story behind your OAK mix.

Entries close February 7th – GOOD LUCK!


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