One big and spicy change might be heading to the fast food market here down under, meaning new competition for the current market giants like McDonalds and KFC, and more delicious food options for us!

That’s right Australia, we could be seeing signs with big red bells on them popping up all over the place with Taco Bell restaurants set to open shop.

But before we get to that exciting news, we must first deal with a much more pressing issue…did you know that an Australian Taco Bell already exists up in Annerley Brisbane?! Why in the heck was this kept so hush, hush? We would’ve been straight on a plane over if we had known!

But anyway, back to the reason for this entire article. It’s actually thanks to this flagship store that the attempt to bring Taco Bell nationwide is happening (so we guess we’ll forgive them for the aforementioned betrayal) because this single store has seen such great success.

This will be the third time that Taco Bell will have attempted to break into the Australian fast food market and an industry analyst has said that the move is risky because the sector is already “saturated”.


The biggest brands across the fast food sector, which currently brings in about $20 billion dollars a year and employs 152,000 people according to Ibis World, include McDonald’s, Domino’s and Subway.

However Taco Bell sees itself as a strong competitor, serving over two billion customers a year worldwide with their tex-med inspired menu of various burritos and nachos.

“We are pleased with the acceptance of the Taco Bell brand by Australian consumers,” said Graham Maxwell, Chief executive of the parent company Collins Foods.

“We have entered an exciting new phase with the successful launch of our first Taco Bell restaurant, with further restaurants to follow over the next 12 months.”


The first of the new Taco Bell stores are expected to open in Australia before the end of the year.

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