TikTok is honestly a cesspool of hilarious people and incredible inventions and I have nothing but respect for the people on there.

Especially user @cakebyjustin, who has invented MILO FLAVOURED MOCHI.

If you’ve not heard of Mochi then get outside and try some new cuisine my friend, because it’ll blow your mind.

It’s a type of gooey Japanese rice cake and it can be filled with anything from traditional red beans or chocolate ice cream!

In this case we’re talking MILO for an Australian-Japanese fusion. 

@cakebyjustin walks us through the recipe he’s made which is filled with creamy Milo and it looks mouth-watering.


Thank you @audreysaurus for inspiring this recipe! #mochi #milo #dessert #baking RECIPE DETAILS IN DESCRIPTION

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Justin went into more specifics in the comment section…

The MILO cream recipe is : 1 cup cream, 1/2 cup milo, 1 tbsp Sugar and 1 tsp vanilla

For the mochi dough: 200g glutinous rice flour, 100g sugar and 360ml water + brown food colour

And I’ll definitely be trying this at home!

FYI you can buy glutinous rice flour from Woolworths in the International aisle so don’t even stress about it! 

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