Looking for a way to satisfy your sweet though, without packing on any unnecessary calories?

Well, we may just have the answer for you.

Dessert enthusiasts are going nuts over what’s been dubbed the ‘raindrop cake’.

Inspired by traditional Japanese dessert Mizu Shingen Mochi, it’s now been perfected by a chef in the US, Darren Wong – and his recipe is taking social media by storm.

The see-through cake, which is made with mineral water and agar, a gelatin obtained from algae and popular in Japan, has practically no calories – but not much of a taste.

The website describing the flavour as “mild,” with essence of “nuttiness.”

The good news is you can flavour it with black sugar syrup and roasted soy flours, or you can top it with molasses for extra sweetness!


The best part is definitely watching it wiggle and jiggle around your plate – like a breast implant, as some people have described it.

Source: Ms Darlinghurst