The NT News are no strangers to controversy when it comes to headlines about crocodiles, UFO’s or girls in bikini’s.

But now, they’ve REALLY got people’s noses out of joint after releasing their Top Ten Definitive Biscuit List.

They recently posted their list on Twitter and people are losing their minds!

All of the biscuits in their top 10 list were Arnott’s (bar one), and their top choice?

Jatz Crackers!

Are they serious? Is a cracker even a biscuit?


It was followed by Chicken in a Biscuit, as well as the Triple Wafer, Scotch Finger, Kingston and the original Tim Tam, which came in third place.

Most Aussies are in shock that the much-loved Tim Tam didn’t take out the top spot, and there were several noticeable absentees!

“HOW DOES THE TRIPLE WAFER BEAT THE TIM TAM? #dreaming” one clearly very annoyed Tim Tam fan screamed.

“This is an outrageous insult to the Tim Tam,” another added

A third fan commented “You might be crocodile experts but you know nothing about biscuits.”


People are still trying to figure out how long time fav’s such as Monte Carlos, Wagon Wheels and Anzac biscuits didn’t even make the cut.

“I’m just going (to) go ahead and assume that BBQ Shapes have been renamed ‘Jatz’,” a hopeful person said.

The NT News deputy digital editor David Wood welcomed everyone’s comments but is staying strong.

“We will ignore it completely, but people do want to have their say. We are the most democratic and transparent newspaper in the country and gracious — so we’ve opened it up, opened it up to the people of Australia so we can then ignore them,” 

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