How great is ordering a pizza on a Sunday night after a hectic weekend? It’s also somewhat a rite of passage to spend at least one Sunday hungover in bed, with a pizza delivery being the absolute pinnacle of your day.

If that’s your scene, we hate to break this to you but Domino’s pizza have just slapped a ten percent surcharge on orders, which will be applied only on Sundays

According to Fairfax MediaDomino’s Pizza will pay its workers an extra 25 per cent when they work on Sundays, which the fast food giant claims will be paid for by a new surcharge on orders across its Australian network.

The surcharge aims to help absorb the costs of the wage increases

Domino’s said the pay increase and surcharge were among a number of pricing models successfully tested on customers, and agreed on by franchisees, saying “We value our employees and believe this voluntary increase is an important step in rewarding them for their commitment to our business and our customers,”.

The company has reportedly been working on the changes for the past 12 months.


Great news for employees, not so great news for pizza lovers who are feeling broke on a Sunday! 

Source: SMH

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