A picture of this deconstructed coffee has been shared thousands of times this week, with people labelling it ‘hipsterism gone too far.’

Journalist Jamila Rizvi posted the image on Facebook and it immediately went viral.

Jamila says she was flabbergasted by how quickly it was shared online, “48 hours, 6,402 comments, 21,283 likes, 2 million views and 45,000 new Google search results later, my coffee had officially gone viral.”

However she refused to divulge the name of the place where she had ordered the coffee to protect them from abusive comments.

However the venue responsible for the coffee soon posted under Jamila’s image owning up to the fact that it was theirs.

According to Broadsheet the coffee is from Weylandts, a furniture and decor shop in Abbotsford.


They’ve been serving the beverage since they opened and have always served it this way.

They say they’ll be keeping it on the menu as it and they’re looking forward to seeing if more people pop in and request one now that it’s gone viral!

Source Broadsheet

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