An Aussie burger joint has created a cheeseburger no one asked for, just in time for Australia Day.

Chuck Wagon 175 in Adelaide has put double beef, double bacon, double cheese between two lamingtons.

We don’t know how to feel either.

The noshery is pretty damn hyped about it too:

“Alright she’s on! Australia Day is coming and we’re rolling out the specials! Double beef, double bacon, double cheese between two Aussie lamingtons. Say what you want… you know you love it! Available Australia Day week,” they posted.

The reaction has been typical of the internet…


Natasha: “Cool idea. The filling looks delish”

Denis: “Are these cream filled lamingtons or plain? Just trying to work out how many extra cholesterol tablets I’d need to take.”

Jordan tagged his mate Harry: “lock it in bro”

Miranda: “I’d give it a crack” *complete with hand-up emoji*

Jack: “I admit, I am morbidly curious about this”

But of course, some were having none of it, throwing around words like “wrong”, “totally gross” and “terrible”.


Ray: “Good way to destroy two Aussie food icons… it’s not April fools day yet.”

Dianne: “Who on earth thinks up these things? Would never have thought to put these things together.”


It seems we will not leave the lammo alone, even Smith’s thought a Lamington-flavour chip was the way forward.

James had thoughts about this too… “First lamingtons ruined Smiths chips, now they’ve ruined burgers. WHEN WITH THE HORROR END!!!”

Same James, same.


Meanwhile, a burger joint in Sydney is also taking an Aussie food icon and taking it right up to the borderline of disrespect with a cute-as Fairy Bread Burger.

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