Image: Facebook

The Local Burger Co is flipping the traditional burger trends and is developing quite the following.

The joint adds special limited edition burgers, wings and milkshakes to their menu each month, and there’s no limit to their imaginations. They have a restaurant in Carlton North and another in Croydon.

Some of the specials have featured waffles, crumpets and croissants instead of burger buns, and their burger range has included lamb, kangaroo, and something magical known as liquid jalapeno cheese…

Owner Graham Critchley spoke with Leader Community News, and spoke about the time they served up a doughnut cheeseburger.

“We don’t mind being a little crazy,” he said.

“If you like burger creations, you want to be able to come and get something a little different every once a while.


“People like to be adventurous and have something they’re not going to get at every other burger place.”

You can stay up to date with the Local Burger Co’s latest crazy specials via their Facebook page.

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