It’s always been a big mystery – does McDonald’s actually have a secret menu?!

The fast food giant has previously denied that one exists, but now a manager of a McDonald’s has taken to Reddit to say that there is a secret menu you can order from – – if you know what to ask for.

The manager of a McDonald’s restaurant in Glasgow said ‘items on the “secret menu” weren’t invented by anyone officially at McDonald’s, it’s just a random person’s guide to burgers you could potentially “hack” at McDonald’s.’

He explained: ‘Just like with any of our sandwiches, you can add, remove or change ingredients by special request. These are called “grill orders (i.e. Big Mac no pickle)”.

So here’s the popular items you can get amongst: 

The Apple Pie McFlurry


Apple pie + mcflurry = double the desert! 

To get this, you’ll need to order them both separately and then kindly ask staff if they can be blended together.

The Land, Sea, and Air Burger


You’ll get a protein punch with this burger. 

Order a Big Mac (the land), a Filet-O-Fish (the sea) and a McChicken (the air).

Put together by putting the fish and chicken patties into the big mac.

A milder version of this is the Surf ‘N’ Turf, which is basically the same burger with a beef patty and fish fillet, but no chicken.

Neaopolitan shake


Order the three milkshake flavours – and ask the staff for a spare cup. Then mix all three flavours and voila, the Neapolitan! 

The Mc10.35am

This burger/muffin crossover used to be only able to order during a small window of time when the breakfast menu and regular menu were both on offer – hence the name 10.35am – but now that we have all-day breakfast at Maccas we can order this all day!


It’s made up of an Egg McMuffin and a Double Cheeseburger.

The Big McChicken

Don’t like buns, hun? This triple chicken hit is for you! You’ll be ordering yourself a Big Mac that has had its bread buns replaced with McChicken patties.

Monster Mac


This one is simple, but is a BIG BOY. Order a Big Mac with eight beef patties and you’ll get the Monster Mac. Good luck finishing it! 

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