If you’re a big fan when it comes to condiments then this is for YOU!

Heinz has announced that it has (for reasons we’re still not entirely clear on) mixed mayonnaise and tomato sauce (or ‘ketchup’ as they so quaintly call it in the US) and invented ‘Mayochup’

They initially started selling the odd combo in one convenient squeeze bottle in the Middle East a few years back.

And, as is often the case when it comes to taking things from that part of the world, (*cough* like oil *cough*) American’s started jumping up and down demanding they should be able to have it as well.

(Because simply mixing them yourself is SO time consuming, am I right?)

And in a move that is proving the only way to get things done these days, a Twitter campaign began to get “Mayochup” stateside. 


An incredible half a MILLION people voted in favor (If only they were inspired to go out and vote in things like, oh I don’t know…Presidential elections?!?)

At this stage there are no plans to sell Mayochup in Australia, but if we get a Twitter campaign going, WHO KNOWS?!?

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