It’s something you can smell from a mile away. When it passes you by, it catches your attention and enters your mind. 

It’s a good old Maccas Quarter Pounder.

Can you imagine the smell in your mind, or do you need a little help? Either way, we’ve got very good news – Maccas is releasing scented candles, and they are dedicated to this fan fave burger!

To celebrate 50 years of the Quarter Pounder, Maccas are releasing a set of six candles representing each of the six key ingredients in the burger, including beef, onions, ketchup, pickles, cheese and of course, the sesame seed bun.

That won’t be the only think you can snap up, with merch such as mittens, t-shirts, stickers and calendars also available.

Here’s the tricky bit… unfortunately this is only available on the US McDonald’s Fan Club website. So you might have to hit up your mates who are travelling in the states, but in the meantime, keep an eye on the website for the official release.

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