We’re not sure if you noticed this, but in some parts of the country at least, it’s been starting to get bone-chillingly cold over the past few weeks.

In fact, we would say that we’ve now ticked over from sunny day beer weather into open fire, hot chocolate weather.

And if you are a hot chocolate connoisseur then you will know full well that Koko Black does the best hot chocolates, bar none.

But there are still those days when you’re craving a beer, but it’s way to cold for the typical summer lager.

Enter Koko Black’s first beer!

The chocolatiers have teamed up with Aussie brewery Modus Operandi to create their very first choc beer, and it sounds like a winter delight!

The Koko Black x MODUS Choc Hazelnut Belgian Stout is a thick-looking brew that draws on the confectioner’s Nuts to Caramel Collection to create this rich, full-on winter drink.


They say it’s a full-bodied Belgian Stout, and weighing in at 6.9% ABV, it sounds like a full-on winter warmer.

You’ll be able to grab bottles of the black gold online Australia-wide from Tuesday 18 May, drink it responsibly, obviously!

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