If you’re in a relationship and feel like you’ve gained a few kgs, you’re not alone. You’re also not making it up, according to research.

A new survey has shown that being in a relationship is actually not good for your waistline, unless you’re careful.

In fact, there is a certain point in a relationship in which people generally start gaining weight.

The survey shows that people in relationships generally gain almost two kilos a year, swapping salads and skinny lattes for steak dinners and wine.

More than half of couples surveyed said they experienced weight gain after three years of dating, in the time period called ‘the comfort zone’.

Just 18 per cent of couples reported significant weight gain during the ‘honeymoon period’ when they first fell in love.

This kind of traction means that people in relations run the risk of gaining over 12 kilos in a 7 year period.


So there you have it guys, three years is the point to look out for!

Source: Daily Mail

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