After years of wait, and to the joy of many English-Australians, the famous British Penguin biscuit has officially arrived Down Under. 

The biscuits have been a hot topic in recent weeks after they were included as a key talking point in the England-Australia trade discussions between PM Borris Johnson and PM Scott Morrison.

“I want to live in a world where we send you Penguins,” Johnson said.

Dubbed the original Tim Tam and invented 31 years before the Australian heritage brand, Penguins are both longer and crunchier than their southern counterpart. For years, the two biscuits have spurred dinner table debate, with the friendly rivalry now spanning over five decades.

Each penguin is individually wrapped for freshness and throw-in-your-bag convenience, packing a big chocolate hit in every bite.


The Penguin comes in packs of six, retailed at $2.80 and available exclusively at Coles stores from July 22. 

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