Coles has managed to pack two of shoppers’ greatest gripes, single use plastic bags and ‘is it too soon to sell hot cross buns’, into one product, and the internet is gathering the pitchforks.

A photo of an individually-wrapped hot cross bun was posted to Reddit on Tuesday, sparking questions over the unnecessary use of plastic.

Single-use plastic bags were banned just months ago after heated debate.

Redditors mainly took issue with why the buns were being sold in plastic and not in paper bags like regular bakery items:

“I’m sure this could have been sold in either a cardboard box or with the other individual bakery items which have paper bags.”

“It’s hilarious they turfed the shopping bags but still sell shit packaged like this.”


“Ever since they ditched the plastic bags I am seeing more and more produce in pre-packaged plastic bags.”

“And? Sometimes you just want one.”

“It would be better for them to place individual buns in the bakery cabinets where you self serve yourself with tongs and brown paper bags.”