TikTok is my new Nigella Lawson, my food bible and do you know why?

Because they keep inventing insanely easy dishes to make that taste incredible!

The new thing is the Viral Pesto Egg and it looks gorgeous.

You only need two ingredients… pesto and eggs.

Plonk some pesto in a pan, fry it a little, crack an egg on TOP of the green smear and fry it up baby!


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It’s up to you how you serve up your pesto eggs, some go with toast, some go with muffins, some go with ROTI and it’s all good.

And you know what, don’t stop there… some people are adding bacon, cheese, and all the good stuff.

Just load it up, you actually cannot go wrong.


Trying the Viral PESTO EGGS for you 👨🏻‍🍳🍳🌿 #pestoeggs #isitbussin #viralrecipe

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