Restrictions on alcohol purchased will be lifted across all bottle shops and liquor stores from today after panic-buying caused restrictions.

Retail Drinks Australia released a statement that said it’s members voluntary initiative would come to an end from the opening of business on Tuesday.

The restrictions have been in place since March 31.

The measures meant that customers could only buy 12 bottles of wine, two cases of beer, cider or pre-mixed spirits, two wine casks under 10 litres,  and two bottled spirits totalling two litres at one time.

In a statement released on Monday, Retail Drinks CEO Julie Ryan said the temporary restrictions helped alleviate concerns about the potential panic-buying of alcohol.

“After monitoring data closely over the last month, we can report that despite early elevated purchasing following initial announcements of Covid-19 related restrictions, we have seen purchasing trends flatten and return to near-normal,” she said.