In what seems like the best pizza news of the year, the country’s largest pizza makers are giving away FREE PIZZA next week.

We know what you’re thinkgin… but, tt doesn’t sound like there are any catches or loopholes!

Just some good old free pizza, laden with cheese, and all of your other favourite toppings.

The special lunch can be picked up from 12pm to 1pm each day of the week with customers allowed one pizza each.  

Extra staff will be working to help manage this special lunchtime rush.

Nice guy, and Domino’s CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Nick Knight says, “We want give back and say thank you to our local customers and to the Melbourne community, and what better way than with food?”

You’re not wrong there Mr Knight.


Customers will be able to choose from some of Domino’s classic recipes including Supreme, Hawaiian, BBQ Meatlovers, Simply Cheese and Spicy Veg Trio.

So where can you get a free pizza?

Monday 17 September – Flemington
Tuesday 18 September – Carlton
Wednesday 19 September – St Kilda
Thursday 20 September –  Lonsdale St
Friday 21 September – Port Melbourne
Saturday 22 September – Richmond
Sunday 23 September – East St Kilda


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