Is there a better dessert in winter than the chocolate brownie?

Warmed up and served with a hot chocolate, it’s the perfect way to turn a cold, miserable day into something way more delightful.

And, because brownies are so wonderful, a Victorian chocolaterie is throwing the humble brownie its very own festival.

We are right in the middle of an 18-day brownie festival, being held by Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Monington Peninsula Chocolaterie.

The chococlateries will be offering up a special new brownie each and every day with brownie-inspired desserts and drinks also available in stores.

And, did we mention brownie tasting plates? Because they have brownie tasting plates, which to be honest, sound like a fancier way of stuffing your face full of chocolate!

You can also sign up to an Ultimate Brownie Festival Tastings session, there’s a few more on this weekend, you can book in for $24.


There’s still a few more days to celebrate all things brownie, it’s on between 9am – 5pm at each of the three locations and finishes up this Sunday. Entry is free, just bring an appetite.

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