Arnott’s have teased its audiences online with a bizarre new product that left heaps of people just scratching their heads.

Earlier this week, Arnott’s shared on its socials mockups of three different Shapes protein powders.

The flavours pictured were Shapes classics BBQ, Chicken Crimpy and Pizza and we’re not really too sure how great these would taste.

In the post the brand writes: “No whey… did we just create the yummiest range of protein powder ever?”

Turns out the answer to that question is: No, they didn’t. But that didn’t stop thousands of excited and baffled Shapes fans jumping into the comments to share their feelings on the idea, with emotions ranging from excitement to bemusement to pure disgust.

“I seriously had to check the date to make sure 1 this wasn’t an old 1st April joke appearing or 2 that I hadn’t missed the rest of the year and it wasn’t back to an April 1st,” wrote one commenter.


“I’m not sure if I’m excited by these flavours or disgusted,” wrote another.

Either way, it looks like it’s just a big old joke and they’re not actually producing these bad boys.

Although you will remember that a recent April Fool’s Day joke by Shapes did turn out to be true, so if you want this to be real, there might still be hope!