Costco are known for doing things big, and this delicious christmas item sure just got the Costco treatment!

You know those chocolate Christmas stockings that you usually find in your actual Christmas stocking while unwrapping your presents?

Well Costco have just released a MASSIVE version of this weighing in at 1.3kg at stores across Australia.

The stocking is filled with a whopping 100 different chocolates including fan favourites like Cadbury Dairy Milk, Mars, Kitkat, Milky Way, Lindt balls and Hershey’s white chocolate.

And with all of that included, there’s a pretty small price tag coming in at just $29.99.

While of course most chocoholics would be thrilled about the introduction of the ‘Giant Christmas Stocking’ there are people who have health concerns seeing as it contains over 16,000 calories.


Plenty of others expressed how excited they were by the chocolatey goodness though, tagging their friends and family in the post on Facebook suggesting it as a prezzie idea for Christmas Day!

What do you think? Will you be buying one?

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