Coles have asked Victorians to stay calm as fear grows of a resurgence of panic buying.

Supermarket shelves have started to empty as the states Coronavirus cases grow.

Coles has been forced to limit the number of items purchased to 1 or 2, including toilet paper, kitchen towels and pantry staples such as flour, pasta and rice, all of which were targets for panic buying earlier in the year.

Woolworths have also imposed similar limits.

Coles chief operating officer, Matt Swindells said “There is no need for panic buying. We have all lived through the last six weeks with restrictions off. We bought what we needed when we needed it. Everyone got on fine with life.’’

“Let’s do this in a collaborative way. Only buy what you need, treat each other with respect and we will be back on track before we know it. Don’t let frustration get the better of you.”