It’s not easy being an adult. 

Especially when you accidentally leave spag bol in your clear tupperware container for 5 days and when you try to clean it, the yellow stain won’t budge.

You don’t want to be that mankey person in the office with the stained containers, but you also would rather spend your money on more fun things than tupperware.

Luckily, there’s an easy cleaning hack to get your Sistema back to brand-spanking new. 

Popular Instagram account “Blossom” promotes tips and tricks for cleaning and its latest advice has been lapped up by it’s 3.9 million followers.

Grab ya sugar, dishwasher liquid and ice and watch this handy hack:


The Daily Mail explains the science behind the hack as enzymes in the sugar destroying the stains and soaking up the grease, while the ice cubes simultaneously break down the stain.

If this hack was up your alley then also take a look at this hack to ripen a hard avocado in just 10 mins! 

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