If you were looking forward to shopping at Lidl anytime soon, well, sorry to burst your bubble.

Despite watching it’s German supermarket giant counterpart Aldi successfully launch into the Australian market, the idea to follow suit has apparently gone cold.

“They’ve been [to investigate the Australian market], they’re still here, but they’ve decided they won’t runout stores in the Australian market at the moment,” Colliers International’s head of retail Michael Bate said.

“When they came in the middle of last year, they were very inquisitive on the back of why Aldi was so successful here.”

He said Aldi was so successful because there was a gap in the market and they “snuck in under the radar” and that wouldn’t be the same for Lidl.

Instead they’re focusing on expanding into the US market.

However, it could be good for local suppliers.


“[Lidl has] very successfully sourced a lot of Australian product and a lot of goods that they’re now actually shipping back into Europe and into Asia under the Lidl label,” he says.

Another supermarket, French-owned Carrefour, ranked as the world’s second-largest retailer, aren’t hot on the idea of setting up shop in Australia, Bate said.

 “[They came] to the same conclusion, that between Coles and Woolies, why would we bother, when there’s only a slice of 24 million people.”



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