As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

And that’s certainly the approach that a lot of unhappy customers are taking following the news that Cadbury has gone and changed their recipe for their beloved chocolate for the first time in 114 years.

The change comes to their original flavour Dairy Milk chocolate blocks in a bid to make them healthier with 30 per cent less sugar.

Apparently the sugar in the chocolate has been replaced by a fibre with the same structure that allows it to keep it’s texture. It took 20 scientists, nutritionists and chocolatiers two years to perfect the formula.

Of course, all companies should know by now that if there’s one thing that people absolutely HATE, it’s change. And so it comes as no surprise that people have had a kinipshit over this news.

“No one… Cadbury: let’s make a healthier chocolate bar for people to eat all in one go and pretend they don’t,” joked one person on Facebook.

“Message to Cadbury’s… If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” added another.


“No way… I like it as it is. If I wanted a healthier option I just wouldn’t eat it. Sad times,” someone else said.

Now before you start freaking out too, let us just say that the new, healthy version has only been rolled out in the UK so far and the original version is still available so you still have the option of full chocolatey fatness.

Plus, according to the UK brand manager for Cadbury, Katrina Davison, the taste is still the same deliciousness that we all know and love, saying that “it still tastes great”.

While it’s only available in the UK so far, it hasn’t been ruled out from being offered on Australian shelves.

“As Australia’s favourite chocolate, we know the special role treats continue to play in people’s lives, and we also know consumers are becoming more focused on wellbeing and food choices,” a spokesperson for Cadbury told

“So in line with this we are working on healthier snacking options for Aussies right now, some of which are just about to launch”.


So stay tuned for that! But regardless, whether you like you choccy a bit healthier or with the original amount of sugar, we think we can all agree that it really would be nice if the world was Cadbury.

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