The latest to weigh-in on the Bunnings onion saga is none other than the last bastion of Australian cookery, the Country Women’s Association.

The Queensland CWA posted a classy clapback on how we can all still have our cake Bunnings sausage with onion and eat it too.

Recently, a new rule was rolled out nationally which affected the way the iconic sarnie would be assembled, going forward.

Some genius brought it to Bunnings’ attention that rogue onion which fell to the ground could be a slip hazard and, as a result, onion now has to be placed between the bread and the sausage – not placed on top of the sausage.

But now, the CWA has come up with a solution which could suit: slipping onion rings onto the sausage.

This technique, while probably pissing off the people who actually cook the snags, keeps the onion secure from falling while stuffing it down your gullet.

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