A new way of cooking pasta has taken the internet by storm because somehow, it DOESN’T include boiling water! 

A Cosmopolitan writer did some experimenting the other night and cooked pasta to perfection using only garlicky bacon fat and chicken broth. YUM. 

Here’s how you do it: 

1. Cook bacon 

It’s best to do this in a pot or a deep-sided skillet because this is where you’ll end up cooking your pasta and chicken broth. 

2. Add garlic to the bacon fat 


Transfer crispy bacon out of the pot and onto a paper towel. Discard half the bacon fat but not all of it. This is how you will sauté your garlic! 

3. Add uncooked pasta 

Add the uncooked pasta to the pot with the garlic and a bit of bacon fat. I know it sounds weird… but go with it! 

4. Add chicken broth


It’ll take some practice getting the amount of liquid right… but there should be about a tablespoon or two of liquid left when the noodles reach your desired consistency. 

This dish will taste delish with cheese, spring onion, the rest of that bacon and maybe even some tomatoes! 

There is SO much flavour in the pasta from the from the bacon fat and chicken broth, you’ll literally be blown away. 


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