Stomach-churning video footage has emerged after a boy allegedly found a blood-sucking leach in his Coles salad bag. 

Last week we were left squirming after a woman allegedly found a live frog inside her bag of lettuce, now this! 

Lachlan Robinson claims that he purchased a pre-mix bag of salad from Coles supermarket before tucking in and finding a leech in his mouth. 

‘I tried to get it off with a fork and it just exploded in my mouth,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

Lachlan’s friend brought the incident to Coles’ attention, sharing the image to its Facebook page.

Watch the footage below.

watch: Boy Allegedly Finds Blood-Sucking Leech In Aussie Food Product

Coles have since responded to the alleged incident by getting in touch with Lachlan to obtain more details. 

Source: 7 News

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