An Adelaide restaurant has moved to name and shame accustom who was caught flouting COVID-19 regulations.

Sneaky Pickle, in Goodwood, was left angry when the incident happened during busy service hours.

South Australia’s cafes and restaurants are currently capped at 75 patrons per room, but any are left with a lower capacity due to the need of one person per four square metres.

It has meant many restaurants have had to turn customers away.

However, the Sneaky Pickle shared the security video of one customer as she allegedly decided to sit herself down despite the restaurant telling her they were at capacity.


The customer can be seen speaking to a waiter after she was seen trying to walk into the dining area.

After the discussion, she storms towards an empty table.

On Instagram, the restaurant said “This is Amber. “After being told 3 times we are at capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions she still took (it) upon herself to get a table.

“Please don’t be a (sic) Amber. We need your help to support the restrictions put in place to keep us all safe.”

Fans of the eatery were quick to praise them, with one stung “No business is enjoying having to put restrictions in place, everyone is just trying to get by and can’t afford a fine if you bend the rules for people.’’

Businesses caught flouting the rules face a $5,000 fine.

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