Is this the perfect food fusion EVER?

Some genius bakers in Queensland have mashed together the legendary McDonalds Big Mac burger with the classic Aussie pie to present the the mouth watering, but admittedly, simply named, BIG MAC PIE!

Blackbutt Bakery found 120 km north-west of Brisbane has released their ‘Big Mack’ pie for a second time due to popular demand.

Bakery owner Roberta Anson told The Courier Mail, “It’s been almost 12 months since we had it on the menu, and when we posted it on Facebook we had one person call saying they would take 20,”

The popular pie containing beef, special sauce, cheese, onion and pickles has also won the title of ‘Best Gourmet Pie’ alongside the bakery’s many accolades.

And if that wasn’t unconventional enough, the bakery also makes a Jack Daniels Pie made with ribs ribs soaked in Jack Daniels bourbon!



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