Billionaire Ernie Boch Jnr has surprised a waitress with a huge tip at a restaurant in Massachusetts.

After waiting on Boch and three others, Jennifer Navaria could not believe her eyes when she saw the bottom of the bill.

“I just went over casually to the table. I looked down and thought oh $75 that’s nice – on $230, that’s nice. I kind of looked again at the slip. It said ‘Donnie your move’. I really had to look at the bottom line; that’s when I was shaking,” she said.

Boch had given her a tip of US$5,000. ($AUD$7,400).

According to reports, the tip has been inspired by the 2020 Tip Challenge that is taking ver the states, with Donnie Wahlberg earlier last month tipping a serve $2020.

Navaria posted the bill on social media to show her appreciation, saying “Thank you, Ernie Boch, for your amazing generosity! You certainly made a job I really enjoy that much better.”



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