We’re always keeping an eye out on new releases from ALDI Australia because frankly they’re always delivering the goods.

And thank goodness we are because we just noticed a Facebook post from the discount supermarket that has honestly changed our lives.

Introducing a new food item to their stores, the good people at ALDI posted a photo that’s got us absolutely drooling. And you can thank us later for sharing the news with you too.

Introducing the Naanwich – Which appears to be a piece of naan bread filled with a smooth and creamy butter chicken – and now we feel like we can never ever eat butter chicken from a bowl with rice ever again.

ALDI describes the dish as being like a taco, only better, and we without even tasting it we can agree that this would be an accurate description.

The Indian dish comes in a 2 pack from ALDI stores and will only cost you $4.99!


We know what we’ll be having for lunch today… En route to ALDI as we speak!

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