Guys, it’s happening.

Aldi knows we’re obsessed, they know we’ll do anything for them, we worship them…

and now they’re rewarding us for our devotion with plans to open small ‘corner stores’ much like Coles Express or Woolworths Metro shops.

The German grocery giant has lodged plans to convert its current North Sydney store into a ‘hole in the wall’ experience with fresh coffee, signage, and street art.


The brand has potential plans to build more of these smaller more ‘convenient stores in neighbourhoods with strong communities so they can cater to denser populations.

Trademarking ‘Aldi Corner Store’, keep your eyes peeled for the first one to pop up in North Sydney with the rest of the nation to follow!


Using popular street artist Joel Moore to design street art for the stores, he’ll be using local landmarks for the North Sydney venue with inspiration from the Olympic Pool and Luna Park.

An Aldi spokesperson stated, “We know that Australians are looking for new and convenient shopping experiences, especially in densely populated areas, so we are exploring a smaller format store in North Sydney under a new store concept name: ALDI Corner Store. 

The development application in North Sydney has yet to be approved, so we will have more to share on this proposal at a later date, but can confirm the proposed small format update will offer a new store layout and more convenience-driven experiences to North Sydney shoppers.”

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