If you thought that the ALDI wine advent calendar was an EPIC Christmas addition to the special buys section of the discount supermarket, just wait to you here about this…

ALDI’s latest festive and boozy related items are even BETTER than the wine advent calendar (if that’s even possible) and they’re the perfect gifts for your friends, or just for yourself.

Based around two of the most popular spirits, gin and vodka, ALDI has unveiled their baubles filled with the alcoholic liquids for you to hang on your tree!

Christmas crackers are also a great, traditional part of Christmas and thanks to ALDI, these have gotten a boozy makeover too.

So this time around there won’t just be bad jokes and party hats inside… Hidden inside will be tiny bottles of gin or vodka! Just make sure the kids don’t get their hands on these ones…

They go on sale on Wednesday 13th November with the boozy baubles coming in at just $34.99 and crackers for $39.99.

Check out the full boozy gift range on Aldi Unpacked here!


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