Aldi fans have shown their anger at shoppers who are ‘lazy’ and ‘selfish’.

One image shows a stack of Aldi’s own brand laundry powder in the cleaning aisle and a box of Almat Tropical Escape laundry powder which has been placed in the wrong spot.

Another customer showed that some Royal Gala apples in the Pink Lady apple box after another change of heart, which could confuse some shoppers.

Some customers were angry saying “This really really annoys me. How hard is it to walk the not even one metre and put it back where they got it from?’’

Added another: “My mum is a cleaner at Coles and the amount of deli, seafood and bbq chickens that get chucked every day because people chuck them on a shelf when they change their mind is unbelievable.”


What do you make of it all?