During the coronavirus pandemic, we’re being encouraged to keep our hands off as many things as possible when we’re out and about, especially at the supermarket. These days, it’s a ‘you touch it, you buy it’ type of life.

For this reason, ALDI shoppers are up in arms after one of them found an odd surcharge on the bottom of her receipt.

According to the shopper, who shared a photo of the receipt to a Facebook group, she was charged a four cent surcharge on two occasions for using the ‘touch and go’ feature at the checkout.

“It’s only a few cents but still not happy as I shop there almost every day,” she wrote in the post.

An ALDI Australia spokesperson said, “To meet our promise of high quality products at the most affordable prices, a 0.5% surcharge is included on all credit card and contactless card purchases at our stores. Customers who process payment by inserting their card and selecting savings will avoid this fee.

“We are transparent with customers and display the fee on our Eftpos terminal as a reminder. The fee ensures that our prices remain low, rather than passing on this cost via price inflation on our products.”

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