Hot on the heels of Adelaide’s truly horrifying Lamington Burger and Sydney’s pretty-but-pass-the-insulin Fairy Bread Burger… comes Perth with a confident ‘hold my beer’.

We just learned that two places in Perth are serving up some of the wildest food mash-ups masquerading as Australia Day homages we’ve even seen.

Firstly, The Aviary is kicking things off with their Vegemite Pizza:

It’s a simple, delicious dough topped with Vegemite and cheese. Not gonna lie, considering how much I love Vegemite toasties at home, this is something I would 1000% smash.

But really, you’re here to see this absolute heaving beast….


The Guildford’s Hotel’s Tim Tam Cob Loaf is packed with chocolate mousse and ganache, Oreo crumb, with Tim Tams crumbled though – extra Tim Tams and fairy bread are included for dipping.

*exhales heavily*

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