We all love a supermarket hack, but how far would you really go to save some money at the shops?

One greengrocer has had to put its foot down on savvy shoppers after they made a habit of snapping broccoli stalks in a bid to save money at the cash register.

So much so, anyone caught doing the deed is now being charged DOUBLE as punishment for their actions.

A sign has gone up in the Sydney store which reads, “Do not remove broccoli stalks, otherwise be charged double.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t just happen at this one store and many grocers find themselves cleaning up many stalks at the bottom of crates.

One shopper admitted to news.com.au that whilst the discount wasn’t massive, they always break off the stem.

“It’s not about the cost, it’s the principle of being forced to pay for a stalk that won’t be used. Similarly, at the butcher I always ask that any excess fat is trimmed off.”


There are benefits for keeping the stalk on, including its nutritional value and the fact it helps your broccoli last longer.