Newmarket Hotel in St Kilda has this AMAZING thing called Puppy Parma Tuesdays – where you can get yourself a parma, and so can your best mate!

Held in Newmarket, Puppy Parma Tuesday kicked off earlier this year and it’s quickly become the trend to live for!

The Puppy Parma is made of a mini chicken schnitzel, shaved ham and is topped with bocconcini and greens. And of course, no parma is complete without a serving of “chips” (duck & turmeric dog treats)  and “salad” (chicken, rice & vegetable kibble).

The pup-friendly parmas are available every Tuesday in the Newmarket Hotel Courtyard, with the canine delicacy costing only $5.

Of course you can grab yourself a human-friendly parma as well, and it’ll only set you back $15.